Everything we accomplish at Victoria Leigh Wilson is targeted to empowering homes. In many ways, we accomplish this by empowering your marriage. Why wouldn’t we? That was one of the very first established relationships created by God after a relationship with Himself. This is also, unfortunately, an area that we can get attacked in so easily. We hope that you find something on this site that will help you on your journey to peace, love, and strength. 

Victoria Wilson is the owner and operator of Victoria Leigh Wilson, Bring it Home by Victoria, and her own Juice Plus line. She is a Marriage and Family coach who specializes in counseling, teacher, entrepreneur and home-school mom. Victoria received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Masters in Marriage and Family Human Resource Counseling, and will be completing her second Masters in Pastoral Counseling in 2020. When she isn’t camping with her family, Victoria loves to bake, write, and travel with her husband!.

We are, for a lack of better words, the ultimate average family. We wrestle on the carpet, do homeschool sitting on top of a usually sticky kitchen table, and we love movie nights. We fight and fuss, we have melt downs, and I have not found a pair of matching socks in this house since 2013. We love God, we love each other, but sometimes we forget to show it. We cook…a lot and spend probably 87% of our lives in our kitchen. We are #wilsonnation

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